Philippe, Chamonix Mountain Guide welcomes you in the Mont Blanc valley !

My name is Philippe, i’m a Mountain Guide based in Chamonix Mont Blanc. « Guide4Chamonix/Alpes-Aventures » is the website where i offer my services.

Below is my philosophy of «The JOB» :

• I value the personal relationships I form with my clients. This aspect of my work is absolutely important to me, and keeps me excited about guiding as a lifelong career.
• I guide the trips myself. I prefer to be  responsible for the success – or the failure-of my trips. I  feel my own  experience skiing, climbing and guiding in so many parts of the world, uniquely qualifies me to decide how best to conduct my programs. If i have to give to a friend he will be one of the few ones i trust blindly.
• My work for other guide services offices is limited to Chamonix Experience, which i'm a full member of. But working over countries helps me to learn from the influences and ideas of other skilled guides from many different areas and backgrounds.
• I work constantly to maintain and upgrade my  skills and qualifications. My work as instructor in the French National Alpine School (ENSA), teaching guides training courses, helps me keep abreast of new developments and skills in all disciplines of climbing and guiding.
• I keep my groups and climber-to-guide ratios small. I consider the impact on the safety and flexibility of the group above all when I decide on a maximum group size.  Large groups and large climber-to-guide ratios are what make money for a guide service. But I feel that larger groups and ratios compromise the safety, enjoyment and success of individual participants. This is not my Philosophy.
• There is a money relation with your guide. And money always matters. So i make it clear : my prices are only "guide fees". this means that you have to think of costs such as hut , water , food (you and your guide). I can inform you of external costs, i can arrange booking or other stuff, but i don't take extra money on thoses services. On the other side, a price is a price. I don't discount or lower my prices.

To finish : take good care of your guide , he will take good care of you    :) 



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