Your Level - Alpes Aventures, Philippe Collet Mountain Guide in Chamonix

Learn to evaluate yourselve
Arriving in shape and being fit is important to enjoy your vacation and put the odds on your side in the outcome of your projects. Below is a table summarizing the physical level and technical level for the different activities suggested.

This table does not include all external factors: emotional, mental... engaging yourself in any Alpine activity requires an effort of commitment and you must be ready to assume it or not. The mountain guide is here to give you an objective indication of the moral level required for each route/summit, but keep always in mind that the the Zero Risk doesn't exist.

Physical shape
1 No or very little sport activity - able to walk 2-3hrs
2 Little sports activities ( cardio :running...) -able to walk 3 -5hrs with a little backpack ( 3-5kg)
3 Regular training ( 2-3times/week)- able to walk 4-6h with a backpack 
4 intense training ( 4tmes a week and more)- able to walk 7hr and + with a 10kg backpack


Off piste and touring
1 Control of speed and turns in off piste snow - no skills in ski touring
2 control of speed , turns in off piste- able to ski with a 4 kg backpack- able to ski up to35° steep- able to use skins, quick turns
3 Good skier - control in any kind of snow- able to ski up to 40° steep- able to ski with a 5/7 Kg backpack
4 Good skier, able to ski 40° and + - able to ski with a 10kg backpack